What we offer

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Evolve Dance offers a range of dance classes in Doncaster. We have something for everyone if you want to pursue examinations and shows or if you simply want to come for enjoyment and to keep fit, we are the place for you! Contact us today for a free trial. 

Mini Movers

Our Mini Movers class is an introduction to all styles of dance. This class is suitable for children in Nursery and Reception children , where the main focus is getting the students to fall in love with dance! We begin to teach the basic classical technique required for ballet, rhythm and foundation steps for tap, simple gymnastics and performance for theatre dance. Students in the class have an option to take exams and partake in our yearly show should they wish. 


Tap dance is all about rhythm and great fun for all ages! Again we follow the IDTA syllabus to develop technique and allow students to take exams should they wish. We develop the students to learn more complex tap steps and rhythms. From a young age we encourage students to develop their own style and rhythms. Students will receive a well rounded knowledge of all types of tap dancing.

Street Dance

One of the most popular forms of dance currently in the UK, our classes offer fun, up-to-date routines to the most recent songs. This class includes a variety of styles including hip-hop and commercial. Our Performance classes include Street dance. 


Our cheer classes cover all the main aspects of competition cheerleading. This includes developing athletes stunting, tumbling, jumps and dance. Currently our class works on level 1/level 2 technique. 

Alongside stunting cheer we also offer Pom Dance within this hour and a half class. This style focuses on motions, jumps, leaps and turns. 


We offer private singing lessons which focus on the individuals needs. All lessons are personally tailored to you by our specialist singing teacher. 


Ballet is the foundation of dance and has been around since the 15th Century. It is a disciplined style, taught with an emphasis on creativity and performance alongside classical technique. We follow the IDTA syllabus, offering students the opportunity to partake in exams. We understand the importance of dancing for enjoyment therefore we ensure we give plenty of time to non-exam work. 

Theatre Dance

This class incorporates both Modern Jazz and Theatre Craft. Following the IDTA syllabus for those students who would like to take exams, this class mainly concentrates on developing the all round performer. Body isolations, stretch, turns, contractions, leaping and technical steps will all be found in this class. 


This class teaches students to interpret movements with feeling and style. Our contemporary classes also include aspects of lyrical dancing, making fluid routines. Students are encouraged to engage with different aspects of choreography and will often experiment with different devices to create individual choreography. They will also be taught dance appreciation as many dances tell a story. Alongside this class we suggest students also take a ballet or tap class to assist technique.  Our performance and Technique classes both incorporate Contemporary. 


Dance Gymnastics is a great way to improve your flexibility whilst learning basic floor gymnastic skills. Our classes follow the IDTA syllabus to develop gymnastic technique. 

Musical Theatre

Our Musical Theatre classes provide fun lessons which include dancing, singing and acting. We work on musical productions and give students the opportunity to perform for friends and family. We focus on developing acting techniques, group singing and dancing for theatre. 

Adult classes

Our Adult Classes are suitable for over 16's of all abilities from beginners to professionals. The aim of our adult classes is to create a fun fitness environment which develops dance skills. Our fast paced classes will have a range of exercises for different abilities so you can work at your own pace.

We offer BLITZ stretch and tone classes which will condition your body with toning exercises, through HIIT, as well as improving flexibility. 

We also offer Pilates classes for Beginners, these classes are great to help to improve posture, balance and core strength. Pilates increases strength and flexibility, improves bone density and gives you better co-ordination. Pilates focuses on precise movements rather than repetition and we ensureyou have correct alignment in all elements of the class.